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Women's Spirit Circles

Sisterhood ∙ Magic ∙ Transformation


What is a spirit circle?

Imagine the transformation of Queer Eye Makeover,

meets the magic of Hogwarts,

meets the sisterhood of Sex in the City.

In other words, we’ll bring together a group of amazing women to deeply connect,

and do a “whole life make-over,” all while receiving powerful spiritual tools and guidance.

Amidst everything going on in the world right now, and all of the responsibilities you have in your life, you will feel nurtured and supported to help you navigate and even thrive in your life.

Yes, you are amazing. And, this will help you know and embody that even more.




Flourish Integrative Health founder Vladi Starkov Bender is a Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist in Sonoma County who comes from a lineage of women healers in Bulgaria. From an early age, she was captivated by her grandmother’s stories about herbs, healing, and medicine, and always knew that healing and working with women was her gift and calling. Vladi has been on a spiritual path since her teens, and studied meditation, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda intensely for 15 years, earning both a Doctorate in Medical Qigong, and Licensure in Acupuncture through training programs in both India and China. Her clinical practice for the past 10 specializes in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. In addition, she guides women to find their unique gifts and purpose, as well as helping them cultivate self-love and self-care.

Vladi created Spirit Circles in 2016, to answer the call of women in her community. From her love of gathering women together, she created Spirit Circles: an accessible, non-denominational spiritual container that supports women in growing their connections with each other and with Spirit. Vladi is now thrilled to bring these transformational circles to women worldwide.

Circle Options

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"The power of women connecting in this way has opened up miracles in my life - manifesting new love, new jobs, and beyond."


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